We at KoolSpark provide expert air conditioning, reactive, installation and maintenance services throughout the North East. We install a wide range of different air conditioning systems for retail, restaurants, offices, domestic, manufacturing and industrial units.


KoolSpark is an approved contractor for a range of manufacturers. 


We specialise in a full range of systems:

-  Basic split systems

-  Wall mounted units

-  VRV / VRF systems

-  R22 replacement

-  Air Handling Units

-  Package DX units

-  FCUs

Whatever the sector, we will strive to keep the disruption to your business to a minimum.

Whatever your requirements, our vast experience within the industry can ensure your premises maintains the correct temperature all year round.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Or you can also read information provided below in the FAQs section.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ's about Air Conditioning

Do you provide free site surveys?

Yes all our site surveys for installations are free of charge, for both new and existing customers.

I have received a cheaper quotation, can you match or beat it?

We check and keep our prices updated regularly to ensure that our customers can have the best deal. In the rare occasion you were to find a cheaper quote, we would be very happy to discuss further.

How often does my Air Conditioning require servicing?

Your Air Conditioning system should be serviced every year. This will ensure the system is clean, components are working efficiently and you are not over working the system resulting in increased energy bills. Our manufacturers also recommend yearly servicing to ensure your system is covered for the full warranty period.

Why is my Air Conditioning Unit leaking water?

This is usually caused by a blockage in the condensate outlet pipe or a faulty drain. Any product with moving parts is affected with dust particles and mixed with the condensate water, this can result in blocking the outlet pipe. We recommend yearly servicing to ensure the condensate drain and outlet pipe are cleaned and unblocked at each service to prevent such leaks.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is short for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. HVAC is most often used to depict the whole heating and cooling system consisting of the duct work, air filters, humidification controls, and registers. We can install and maintain HVAC systems.

What is R22 and why is it important?

R22 is a type of refrigerant gas that was banned under the Montreal Protocol in 2009 after experts identified that the R22 substances, when in contact with the stratosphere, caused the ozone layer to be depleted. R22 has since been replaced with new refrigerants (including the latest R32 refrigerant) and it is now illegal to install or repair units using R22 if replacement refrigerant is required, as of January 2015.

What certifications do your engineers hold?

We are accredited with Refcom and City & Guilds.