(planned, preventative maintenance)

We at KoolSpark provide expert PPM services throughout Newcastle and the North East. We carry out PPM for commercial and industrial clients.

What is PPM?

PPM is also known as Planned, Preventative Maintenance or can also be known as planned maintenance, scheduled maintenance or preventative maintenance. 

With this form of maintenance, building services plant and equipment are inspected and tested at regular intervals by a trained engineer to prevent the potential for breakdown, to confirm it is safe to use and to ensure its efficient operation. 

How often does PPM need to be carried out?

PPM maintenance involves careful planning and scheduling. It can either be time based or conditioned monitored. Time based maintenance is carried at regular intervals e.g. every 3 or 6 months, while condition monitored maintenance will be based on indicators such as deterioration of plant and equipment parts and components. 

Whatever your sector, we will carry out PPM and strive to keep the disruption to your business to a minimum.

Whatever your requirements, our vast experience within the industry can ensure your building services is regularly maintained, safe and working.

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Improved equipment life

The primary aim of PPM is to enhance the productivity of your equipment and to prolong its longevity. By ensuring the equipment is running efficiently and for long term, this eliminates the need to replace plant and equipment prematurely.



Decreased downtime

When equipment is operating at its maximum efficiency, there is a reduction in equipment downtime, this in turn increases the productivity of your business. Be it A/C or refrigeration, downtime costs money.


Reduced overhead costs

PPM enhances the longevity of equipment and so reduced the need for potential expenditure on equipment replacement in future years. There is also likely to be a reduction in energy supply costs as equipment in good working order often consumes less power. Highly efficient equipment therefore reduces overhead costs, leading to an increase in profit margins.


Improved maintenance scheduling

As PPM is scheduled and planned around your business activities, it is a more economical use of a maintenance engineer, as it will not be as costly and time consuming to arrange, as with emergency and reactive basis. 


Bypasses the need for large scale repairs

The regular nature of PPM prevents the accumulation of small problems turning into a larger one, as components and equipment in need of repair are noticed at early stages of failure during maintenance checks.


Improved workplace safety

Safety in the workplace also involves having safe working plant and equipment, which improves morale and has the potential to reduce lost time to sickness.

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